A Guide to Choosing Contemporary Bathroom Lights

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A Guide to Choosing Contemporary Bathroom Lights

The right choice of bathroom lighting will achieve wonders to the overall visual effect of this room. However, to create the perfect contemporary bathroom, it is important to choose lighting that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is practical too.

Most bathrooms lack natural light; they often have tiny windows with frosted glass panels and, although this is essential to maintain privacy, it also prevents much of the light filtering through. Some bathrooms, such as en-suites or smaller family bathrooms, have no natural light whatsoever and this makes the correct choice of bathroom lighting even more important.

Whether you are looking for mirrored lighting, contemporary wall lights, or modern ceiling lights, there are various types of lighting to suit all styles of bathroom. Choose from subtle strip lighting, recessed lighting, spot lighting, feature wall lighting or lighting for mirrors or bathroom cabinets.

When you are deciding on bathroom lighting, it may be that you will feel overwhelmed by the range of options available. To help narrow down your selection, we have compiled an easy guide to choosing contemporary bathroom lighting.

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How to Choose Your Bathroom Lighting

The first step to selecting the right bathroom lighting is to choose fixtures that fit in with the overall theme of your bathroom.

If you are redesigning your bathroom, look though some interior design magazines for inspiration and cut out pictures of bathrooms and lighting that you like. Lighting should be visually appealing and set the mood, as well as help you carry out your day to day grooming tasks.

Think about whether you want to choose lighting purely for practical reasons, such as square or round modern ceiling lights, or whether you want to pull out all the stops and choose lighting to create a wow factor in your bathroom.

For a traditional look to your bathroom, there are a variety of ceiling lights and decorative wall lights designed to make a feature in this space. If you have a very large bathroom, with high ceilings and a Victorian style bath tub, you could even go for a dramatic chandelier in the middle of the room.

For a more modern look, go for simple, streamlined designs, such as spot lighting, or simple contemporary wall lights that give off a warm glow and are attractive enough to create a focal point.

If you are choosing lighting purely for functionality and want to keep costs down, select something that is simple, practical - and also quick and easy to change the light bulb when it runs out! In a bathroom with no natural light, bright white light, such as halogen spots, will maximise the light in this space.

For bathroom lighting that aims to achieve style and effect, accent lighting is ideal for decorative purposes and can be used to spotlight a particular feature of the bathroom.

Top Tips for Choosing Bathroom Lighting

Here are our top tips for selecting the perfect bathroom lighting.

Take a good look at your bathroom first and decide where you want to position your lighting. Ideally the bathroom should be well lit all over and should include lighting around your bathroom mirror.

If you are choosing lighting to assist with grooming tasks, you could choose contemporary wall lights on either side of your mirror. A pair of matching lights looks aesthetically pleasing and creates balance and harmony. This should be in addition to your overhead lighting.

Lighting with a dimmer switch can create a cosy glow when you want to relax and enjoy a long, hot bath or enjoy a weekly pampering session. Alternatively, choose accent lighting such as lamps or lighting fixtures that look just like a candle to create a feeling of peace and tranquillity.

If you want lighting to go around a mirror, make sure that not only the top part of the mirror is lit, but the sides too. This will light up the whole of your face (instead of creating shadows) so that you can see better as you carry out your various grooming tasks.

Remember that modern ceiling lights such as chandeliers are not only for the living room, dining room, or hallway, but look stunning in a large bathroom and can create a wonderful feature in this space.

Match your lighting with the decor, if you have a yellow bathroom, for instance, you may want to choose elegant contemporary or traditional wall lights with gold trimmings and this can also create a focal point in this room. If you have a minimalist all white bathroom it may be a good idea to opt for more subtle lighting such as recessed spot lights.

Whatever lighting you choose for this space, it is always advisable to get a qualified electrician to install your bathroom lighting.

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