Contemporary Chandeliers - Make Your Dinner Party More Elegant with a Beautiful Chandelier

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Contemporary Chandeliers - Make Your Dinner Party More Elegant with a Beautiful Chandelier

The dining room is not only used for family meals but also for entertaining and, as such, it is the showcase for the rest of the home. One way to impress your guests with your style is with well chosen lighting, and there is a wide range of stunning contemporary chandeliers that will create a sensation in this space.

Chandeliers have been used in grand homes and churches since the medieval times; during this period, this type of lighting was just a simple wooden cross with candles fixed on spikes. The first electric chandelier was made in 1883 by a glassware company based in Vienna, called J & L Lobmeyr, and they have been popular ever since. Chandeliers feature not only in manor houses and palaces but contemporary homes too.

Angelo's sell a wide range of contemporary lighting including modern ceiling lights, contemporary chandeliers, spot lighting, recessed lighting, pendant lighting, wall lighting, floor lamps, desk lamps, side lamps and bedroom lighting, which blend beautifully with any interior.

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Contemporary Chandeliers

Contemporary chandeliers differ from the ornate and decorative traditional chandeliers that automatically spring to mind when we think of this style of lighting. They have similarities with the classic design but this is expressed in a different way. Although contemporary chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes, they are generally more linear in design and feature bold geometric shapes. For example, a contemporary chandelier may have traditional light-capturing drop crystals, but it could be square, circular, or rectangular in shape, or feature a group of suspended lights.

In addition to this, contemporary chandeliers can be made from all sorts of materials such as wood, glass, wrought iron and even recycled materials such as plastic bottles or pens! You find them in even the smallest of homes - just make sure when you choose your chandelier that you have a ceiling that is high enough to accommodate it!

Hung above a beautiful contemporary table, chandeliers make a wonderful feature of a dining room as they offer a focal point and add drama. You can use it in conjunction with a dimmer switch to create mood and atmosphere.

Three Key Looks to Create with a Contemporary Chandelier

Whatever style of dining room you have, there will be a contemporary chandelier to match. These spectacular ceiling lights look fantastic hung above a polished wooden table or above a glass or marble table, as the lighting fixture will reflect in the table. Modern chandeliers are available in a vast range of different materials, styles and colours, from crystal drop chandeliers, to monochrome chandeliers, to ceiling lights with sleek, clean lines that look fantastic in a minimalist home.

See below to find three different looks you can create with a contemporary chandelier. Whatever style of ceiling lights you are looking for, Angelo's can help. Just visit our London based lighting showroom to see our extensive collection.

A Minimalist Dining Room

A minimalist dining room would have a few key items of furniture and no clutter; instead, each object and furniture piece has its space. Decor is kept simply to a few contemporary decorations such as modern artwork, a few vases of flowers, a potted plant or an impressive sculpture. The flooring would generally be simple such as tiled flooring or stripped wooden flooring (in beech or bamboo).

With a spectacular light above the table, this furniture piece will become the focal point; choose a table that will reflect the beauty of the light fixture above, such as a shiny white lacquered dining table, a modern glass table, or one made of solid wood and chrome.

An Eco-friendly Dining Room

As more people realise the importance of taking responsibility for their environment, there are a growing number of householders opting for eco-friendly furniture, ornaments and artwork. A reclaimed teak dining table is a great choice for an eco-friendly dining room, as no trees have been cut down to make this furniture piece. Complete the look with ethnic inspired wall art, solid wood sculptures and mirrors with frames made from natural materials, such as cocostick or driftwood. A bamboo floor is a perfect choice for an environmentally-friendly space as it is the world's fastest growing plant so it is extremely sustainable.

For lighting, choose floor lamps with shades and bases made from natural materials. A modern chandelier made from recycled materials is a great choice for this space. And, for all your light fixtures, opt for low energy light bulbs.

A Bold and Bright Dining Room

If you have an outgoing personality and you like to make an impact, going bold and bright will create a wow factor in this sociable room. Generate a feature wall with a dramatic print in daring colours such as red or green, or choose a dramatic colourful flower display or a large, modern art-piece to make an impression. Don't go too overboard with your colour choice; if you want eye-catching colours, keep your accessories bright, but your furniture low key and understated or the whole look will appear busy and confusing.

If you would like a bold, contemporary feature light for this space, choose a brightly coloured crystal or ceremony chandelier in blue, green or red. Or, if you prefer black or clear glass chandeliers, make the artwork and accessories bright.

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Contemporary Lighting - click here to view the location of our north London showroom.