Entertaining this Season – Festive Lighting Tricks to Make Your Home Warm and Welcoming

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Entertaining this Season – Festive Lighting Tricks to Make Your Home Warm and Welcoming

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The festive season is fast approaching, and investing in floor lamps for your London home is one way to make your interior warm and welcoming this winter. Here at Angelo’s Lighting we are full of clever lighting ideas to make your house or apartment look spectacular over the Christmas period. From floor lamps to chandelier lights, Tiffany-style lighting and side lamps, this article will look at some of the best lighting tricks to use during the party season.

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Ten Festive Lighting Tricks

Brighten Up the Hallway with Floor Lamps – A top hosting tip is to make your hallway as welcoming as possible; this is because it serves as the introduction to your home and acts as the showcase for the rest of your interior. If you have the space, lamps placed on side tables, or in alcoves, will make this area look bright and inviting. If your space is more limited, you may have room for a feature floor lamp in the corner of your London hallway, which will create a cosy and comfortable environment. A hallway that is light and glowing also looks more spacious.

Harmonise Your Space with Side Lighting – Creating a harmonious space is appealing and relaxing. The way you decorate your home will provide an environment that instantly puts your guests at ease, so the conversation flows more easily and your guests enjoy a memorable evening. Two matching lamps on side tables, or at either end of a console table, provide balance and makes a space feel more ordered and tranquil.

Use Lighting to Make a Room Appear – A low cost interior design trick is to put a side lamp in front of a mirror as it will instantly make a space appear brighter. This works in any part of the home, including the corridor, sitting and dining room, and will make your interior look more spacious.

Coloured Lighting for a Cosy Glow - Coloured lighting adds a new dimension to your interior and will provide an interesting festive glow. You can use coloured lighting anywhere in your home as it’s quick and easy to do, and low cost too as all you have to do is to change the light bulbs! Lighting with blue tints is said to be more flattering for party-goers as it suits all skin tones.

Make Lighting the Main Feature - Beautiful lighting, such as a chandelier light makes a wonderful focal point and will enhance the decor of your home. Another way to make your interior stand out is to invest in a decorative side or floor lamps for your London home, such as a Tiffany style lamp or a stunning Jenny Worrell table lamp. Just browse our table lamp section or pop into our North London showroom to see our full range of decorative floor and table lamps.

Go Eastern for Added Atmosphere – If you want your lighting to create intimacy, Middle Eastern style side lights with punched holes look spectacular when lit and will create a kaleidoscope of light across the room.

Getting it Right in the Dining Room – If you are hosting a dinner party over the festive season, lighting sets the mood. Harsh overhead lighting is off-putting for guests as it is not very flattering; instead low level lighting and candles are more forgiving, so your guests will feel relaxed in your company.

Go for Festive Lighting – Seasonal lighting is fun to invest in, and will always bring a smile to your guests’ faces. You can get into the festive spirit with tree lighting, and white fairy lights draped around the banisters look superb.

Outdoor Lighting for a Relaxed Feel – Even if it is cold or snowing outside you can still make use of your garden. Coloured up-lighting concealed in flower beds will make the most of your outdoor space and makes even the smallest garden look pretty. Or, if it is a fairly mild evening, you can even invest in a patio heater and outdoor lighting so your guests can enjoy a few drinks outside.

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