Common Questions and Solutions on Lighting for Outdoor Spaces - Part One

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Common Questions and Solutions on Lighting for Outdoor Spaces - Part One

Spring is not only the traditional time of year to clean and revamp your interior, bright sunshine and rising temperatures makes it the ideal season to turn your attention to the outdoors too. And, garden lighting is the perfect way to make the most of this part of your home. Whether you enjoy alfresco dining or entertaining, or just want to use this space for relaxation purposes, a well lit garden means you can use your outdoors for longer – even after the sun goes down. So, when friends and family come over, you can catch up on their news and chat late into the evening.

Just as you can use lighting tricks indoors, you can use similar techniques to improve the look of your outdoors. If you are unsure where to start, see below for Angelo’s answers to ten of the most commonly asked questions about garden lighting. London based Angelo’s offers a wide selection of lighting solutions for the home – just click on the link below to find out more about our range.

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I only have a small courtyard garden – are there any lighting ideas to make this space look larger?

Small really is beautiful, and just as lighting can be used to make a small room look larger, the same can be said for outdoor spaces, such as courtyard gardens.

Lights on walls or fencing draw the eye to the outer areas of the garden, tricking the mind into believing this space is bigger than it really is. If you have a feature you are particular proud of, such as an ornamental shrub, a sculpture, or even a small homemade waterfall, lights will turn it into a focal point which will transform your garden into an area of beauty and elegance. Don’t be afraid to layer your lighting – uplighters in planters and flower beds also make stunning features.

If you enjoy entertaining, cluster some candles together on a patio table, put some chairs out, and lay some cushions on the ground to accommodate any extra guests. Then, just sit back and soak up the atmosphere on a mild summer evening.

How can I brighten up my flower beds with lighting?

If you are green-fingered and have a flower bed (or beds) that you are particularly proud of, now is the perfect time to invest in outdoor lighting so you can turn this part of the garden into a focal point when the sun goes down. Uplighters concealed among the beds are a great solution and they can be operated by a switch indoors. Low key, white lights are one option, but coloured lights such as reds, greens and blues, look spectacular and are a much more dramatic choice for a big outdoor space.

If you have a small garden, one design trick is to put a few mirrors among your flower beds and place a light in front of these. This will make the space look bigger than it is and is a way of recycling unwanted old mirrors.

What’s the best way to make the most of my patio with lighting?

Patios are the hub of outdoor entertaining and whether you are planning a barbecue until late in the evening or are hosting drinks outdoors, lighting will transform your patio into an enchanting space.

Of course, candles are the perfect starting point, and as well as clustering candles together to make a centrepiece, you can buy large, floor standing candles in wrought iron holders that blend well with metal patio furniture.

For extra comfort for guests, it may be a good idea to invest in a patio heater; these often come with lighting which generate warmth even on the chilliest of evenings. For special occasions, or everyday use, wrapping fairy lights around trees or shrubs will add to the magic of an evening.

If you have a sunken patio flanked by raised beds, rope lighting around the edge of the patio and concealed wall lighting, will create a wonderful glow.

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