The Importance of Lighting: Top Lighting Tricks to Make a Small Room Appear Larger

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The Importance of Lighting: Top Lighting Tricks to Make a Small Room Appear Larger

Lighting - such as recessed spot lights – not only serves a functional purpose, it creates a visual impression, making a small room appear larger at the flick of a switch. Think of it in terms of a theatrical production: while a beautifully designed stage set stirs the imagination of an audience, lighting adds to the drama of a performance and draws the eye to vital parts of a scene.

In a similar way, interior designers recognise that lighting helps stage an interior and they use various lighting tricks to create the perfect home. Modern and period lighting adds character to a room and can transform areas that may otherwise go unnoticed. For instance, it can turn a dull alcove into a stunning focal point, or highlight the decor and characteristics that you are most proud of, such as a striking contemporary painting or a feature wall with exposed brickwork.

As a general rule modern homes tend to be more limited in space compared to older-style properties. If you do have a more compact home, the right choice of lighting can make the difference between a cramped interior and one that appears spacious, light and airy. Whether you are decorating a new home, or revamping an old one, here are some top tips on how to make a small room appear larger, including the use of recessed spot lights:

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Ten Lighting Tricks to Create the Illusion of More Space

Put Lights In Front of Mirrors – One of the most popular lighting tricks for hallways and small spaces is to place lights in front of mirrors. You can brighten an interior further by positioning mirrors on opposite sides of the room: it is just a small adjustment to make and helps make a room appear several times larger.

Add Subtle Lighting – Many modern homes or period conversions have recessed spot lights as they provide subtle overhead lighting and are less obtrusive than large feature lights such as period or contemporary chandeliers. However, chandeliers work well in small rooms with high ceilings as they create a stunning focal point.

Brighten All Corners of a Room – If you want to give the illusion of space, one way to do this is to light up all four corners of the room with spot lighting or table lamps. This redirects your attention outwards towards the perimeter of the room and makes a space appear bigger than it really is.

Place Lighting Above Shelving – This again puts the focus on other parts of the room, so that your attention detracts from the size of the space. Show homes often feature concealed lighting on the tops of kitchen cabinets as this serves to bring the eye upwards and outwards.

Make the Most of Natural Light – Avoid the use of heavy drapes and instead allow for curtains that will let the light filter through; or, if you are on a busy street, opt for shutters so you can adjust the light levels and bring more of the outside light in. Another trick is to paint the walls in a light colour as this reflects the light.

Highlight Your Best Features – If you have a feature that you want to highlight, such as a painting or sculpture, you can use spotlights or picture lighting to showcase this. This adds interest and gives the illusion of more space.

Use Track Lighting for Small Rooms – Track lighting draws the eye upwards and is particularly suitable for small, dark rooms where the lighting should be very subtle. Track lighting is also a good option if your space is extremely restricted and you don’t have room for floor or table lights.

Layer Your Lighting – Try to avoid confining your lighting to one spot by having just one overhead light. Instead, layer your lighting with wall lighting, floor lighting or table lamps as this will draw the eye to different parts of the room.

Spotlight Architectural Details – Use lighting to highlight the architectural details in your home that you are most proud of, such as a beautiful fireplace, a feature wall or panelling. If you have an alcove, brightening this space will again help to create the illusion of a larger interior.

Light up Your Shelving – In a small home it is vital to keep clutter to a minimum, and adequate shelving will keep things off the floor. Add feature lights on shelves to redirect attention from the size of the room.

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