Contemporary Lighting London – Making Subtle Finishing Touches with Modern Lighting

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Contemporary Lighting London – Making Subtle Finishing Touches with Modern Lighting

Contemporary Lighting London

Sometimes the best things really do come in small packages and the same can be said with contemporary lighting. Whether you have a large townhouse in Central London, a one-bedroom city apartment, or a grand home in the suburbs, subtle contemporary lighting can enhance the overall design of an interior with stunning results.

Subtle contemporary lighting produces a warm and welcoming glow and makes your interior wonderfully homely and inviting. Beautiful contemporary lighting produces the right atmosphere for any occasion: whether it’s hosting an at home drinks party in a Central London apartment or enjoying a peaceful evening curled up on the sofa with a good book. Layers of delicate contemporary lighting looks fantastic or you can or mix this style of lighting with bold, oversized lighting.

Here we shall look at different types of modern, discreet contemporary lighting for the home or office.

Contemporary Lighting London - click here to view the location of our north London showroom.

Creating Colour with Contemporary Hidden Lighting

Contemporary lighting is often hidden in the most unexpected of places. It can emit a soft, cosy glow above a built in cupboard, under a shelf, or in an alcove and sets the mood and transforms your interior into a place of calm and relaxation.

Careful use of lighting can warm up an all white, minimalist room and, for more dramatic effect, use coloured bulbs as this will create splashes of interest. Think about using coloured bulbs to create impact in the hallway or make them a design feature of a staircase - to brighten up an all white modern stairway with stunning effect.

Adding Atmosphere with Contemporary Wall Lighting

Contemporary wall lighting doesn’t necessarily have to be oversized and dramatic as it can also be used to add subtle finishing touches to a room. Delicate wall lighting - such as a pretty floral light – looks almost incidental but still beautifies a space with its fascinating sculptural design.

However, if you don’t want to go for a sculptural effect, opt for bold geometric shapes such as square or rectangular up-lighting. This is a great option for a contemporary hallway as it adds interest to this space. It is also a favourite for bathrooms or bedrooms as a matching pair can be placed on either side of the sink or bed.

If you want to choose a large contemporary chandelier or a bold and colourful floor lamp as a focal point, but need to add further lighting, one way to balance this look out is with discreet contemporary wall lighting. Choose small scale lighting that is aesthetical in design but won’t become the focus of the room.

Creating a Warm Glow with Subtle Side Lamps

Side lamps can be a subtle part of the decor and also serve to bring your whole look together. Side lamps are often used as task lighting, but they can also be used to add beauty and ambiance.

If you are buying contemporary side lamps, there are a range of options available to you. Whichever one is best for you will depend on your choice of colour scheme and the overall effect you want to create. From traditional designs to bankers’ lamps and glass mood lamps, contemporary side lamps look fantastic in a modern home and are a great way to inject individuality to a space.

If you prefer contemporary side lamps that reveal your creative side, go for bold shapes and colours such as spheres, pyramids or egg shapes. A green or yellow glowing pyramid on a side table looks stunning in a modern minimalist interior and the overall effect is subtle, rather than too overpowering.

Use of Ceiling Lights to Warm up a Space

Ceiling lights don’t have to be bold and dramatic. If you want the effect low key, opt for strip lighting or spot lights. These work well in any part of the home, from the kitchen, corridor, bathroom and living room.

Spot lighting has a double purpose as it not only lights up a space but, if you choose spot ceiling lights with adjustable heads, can be directed to a particular point of interest, such as a painting or sculpture.

Recessed spot lights are the most discreet contemporary ceiling lights. If you have them in a room, you will hardly notice them as their purpose is merely functional rather than decorative. To create mood and atmosphere complete the look with decorative floor or side lamps.

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Contemporary Lighting London - click here to view the location of our north London showroom.