Transforming Your Outdoor Space with Modern Patio Lighting

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Transforming Your Outdoor Space with Modern Patio Lighting

If you have an outdoor area for al-fresco dining, patio lighting can help to bring this part of the garden to life, combined with attractive tables and chairs. At Angelo's in north London, we have a great range of lights which will help you make the most of your space.

In the Mediterranean and Middle East, people frequently dine outdoors, partly because of the weather and also because evening meals often accommodate a large number of people - from the children through to the grandparents and sometimes extended family too.

While we don’t always eat with extended family in the UK, our outdoor eating areas are very often used to host barbecues, picnics and family meals and are a fun addition to the garden. If you want to make the most of your outdoor space, a patio heater will mean that your garden can be used for meals on chilly summer evenings and all year round.

Whether you are planning on hosting a barbecue, or want to use your patio for romantic meals for two, patio lighting will help make the most of this space and add atmosphere when you dine.

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Patio Lighting Ideas

Wall Lighting - A wide range of exterior wall lighting is available to enhance your garden's dining and seating area and do away with dark corners. You can place contemporary lights on top of the wall or, alternatively, have lighting fixed to the wall to give a warm glow on summer evenings.

Angelo's has a wide choice of wall lights which are all made from top-quality materials, and range from a hi-tech look to the more traditional. You could choose a lamp made of steel with an antique brown finish, to give a touch of traditional style, or a more modern look with a green steel frame. Alternatively, choose a round low-energy light, in white with a stainless steel finish, to shed soft light while keeping down your bills.

Uplighters - Contemporary uplighters are a great way to pick out attractive areas of your garden, for instance putting the spotlight on a slender tree, or a beautiful climbing plant or a stunning rose bed. A popular choice is stainless steel uplighters which can be buried in the ground, but you could also choose from quirkier types of patio lighting, perhaps using different colour filters to illuminate your garden in a soft wave of red, blue, yellow or green depending on your mood and the effect you want to create.

Concealed Lighting - Whether you prefer to place lighting around seating areas, spot lights on steps, or within decking or in the patio, you can create a host of exciting effects. We at Angelo's have a great range of lighting ideas which are equally ideal for a contemporary garden or a Zen patio rock garden. You can choose lights in a finish designed to blend into the background so that they don't draw attention to themselves, but to the features they are illuminating.

Pond Lighting - Ponds and fountains are wonderful garden features and casting light on water makes a striking effect, proving very peaceful to look at in the evening when the light has faded. It is possible to choose from a whole range of lighting designed to make the most of your garden pond after dark, including colourful underwater spotlights or LED water feature lights. You may also want to consider installing a garden lamp-post or lantern near the pond.

Fairy Lights - Sparkling fairy lights arranged around bushes, shrubs or trees can add a touch of magic to the atmosphere when dining outdoors. You can choose from white lights or multi-coloured ones, which would be ideal for a party, and it's also possible to choose solar-powered fairy lights as an energy-saving option. For added fun, there are even varieties of fairy lights which look like flowers, butterflies or dragonflies.

Sculptural Lighting - Maybe you don't want to hide your garden lighting, but to turn it into a feature in its own right. At Angelo's, we have modern lights made to look like works of art or you could decide to install a garden sculpture with built-in lighting. Choosing this type of unusual lighting is a way to follow your own taste and emphasise the individual qualities of your garden space.

About Angelo's Lighting

We at Angelo's Lighting in North London offer a full range of patio lighting, as well as other garden and outdoor lighting, from lanterns to wall lights, concealed lights and uplighters. To see our full range, come to our store and speak to our experts, who will advise you and help you choose the products which are right for you.

Patio lighting - click here for details of our north London showroom.