New Year - New Lighting: 12 Tips for 2014

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New Year - New Lighting: 12 Tips for 2014

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Lighting is one of the most important factors in interior design and whether you are looking for floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps or modern ceiling lights, the correct choice of lighting can make or break the look of a home. This is because illuminations not only set the mood, and help you complete tasks, but there are all sorts of tricks you can use to make a small room look larger, for instance, or a spacious area look homely, snug and inviting.

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How to Change Your Interior at the Flick of a Switch

If you are redecorating your home in 2014, here are 12 things to think about before you buy your lighting:

1) Consider the use of each room. Think about each and every room in your home and how you use it. In the kitchen, for instance, you will need to light up your workstations so that you can see well enough to perform kitchen tasks, but if you also use this space to host dinner parties, you will also need mood lighting. What about your living room? Is it a quiet space where you wind down with a book or watch TV, or is this room mainly used to entertain family and friends? Consider all parts of the home, even the hallway, as it is important to make this area welcoming for you, and your guests and family.

2) Buy lighting to fit in with the theme of your home. Whether you are decorating in an Oriental style, or you are going for a look that is modern or traditional, flamboyant or understated, ethnic and eco - friendly, choose lighting that will tie in well with your chosen theme. If your home has a minimalist style, for instance, coloured lights and concealed lighting in the stairs, in shelving and on the tops of cupboards looks spectacular. An eco - friendly home would require floor lamps, table lamps or modern ceiling lights made with environmentally friendly materials, such as reclaimed wood; and energy saving light bulbs will also match the theme.

3) Layer your lighting - Your choice of home lighting, doesn't just come down to a feature ceiling light; the trick is have a combination of different lights so you can instantly change the look of a room depending on the tasks you need to perform or the mood you want to create. So, consider other forms of lighting too, such as wall lights, floor lamps, table lamps, and even picture lighting.

4) Do you want to make a feature of your lighting? - Do you want to go big and bold with bright, oversized architect floor lamps? Or, go for something pretty and appealing such as a Jenny Worrell lamp, which will create a more subtle focal point? Think about whether you want to choose dramatic lighting that will stand out, or something more modest to blend in with your home decorating style.

5) Choose lighting to match your colour scheme - Whatever lighting you choose it should fit in with your chosen colour scheme. So, if you favour neutrals, choose greys, creams, white or beige and select lighting made from natural materials such as table lights with a solid wood base.

6) Do you want lighting as a home decorating solution? - There are all sorts of tricks you can use with lighting to turn an ordinary home into something extraordinary. For instance, you can place lights in front of mirrors to brighten a dull hallway or make a feature of an alcove. Putting lights in all four corners of the room makes a small room look larger. Interior designers and property developers use a variety of techniques to change the dynamics of a room and make a home more appealing, or sellable. Why not browse this articles page for more home lighting tips?

7) Think about how often you entertain - If you entertain often, you might want to pay special attention to the lighting in the hallway and reception areas so you can provide a relaxed environment the minute your guests walk in the door. In the dining room, you may want to go for uplighters or dim the switches and light some candles, so your guests can feel at ease. When the lights are on low, this instantly creates a cosy and calm atmosphere, whereas overpowering and harsh overhead lighting is unflattering and may put your guests on edge.

8) Choose lighting that flatters - Lighting is not only used to carry out certain tasks, but the way you position your lighting can make you look and feel good too. Soft, diffused light is more flattering, as is lighting with a blush tint. Table or floor lamps, are more flattering than bright overhead lights.

9) Make the most of natural light - Although electric lights are vital, especially on dark winter nights, nothing beats natural light and your choice of lighting shouldn't detract from this.

10) Don't leave out the bathroom - The bathroom is often neglected, but as it is in daily use it is important to get the decor right so you can provide a relaxed environment for pampering or getting ready for work. Consider mirror lighting so you can see perfectly to carry out grooming tasks. What can be more wonderful than running a warm bath, turning the lights down low and lighting some candles so you can fully unwind?

11) Consider the outside of your home - Lighting is just as important outside as in, so try not to neglect this part of your property. The right choice of outdoor lighting will turn your garden into an extension of your home, so you are more likely to use it. If you invest in patio heaters you will be able to use your garden for entertaining, or relaxing in, whatever the time of year.

12) Use lighting for security purposes - Garden lighting is not only used to light up the flower beds, there is also an extensive choice of outdoor lighting for security and safety reasons. Examples of these are lamp posts, and driveway and pathway lighting, which help you see as you walk up the garden path. Installing porch lighting and wall lighting which turns on automatically when you or someone else arrives at your home is a useful safety feature as well as being a welcoming touch.

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