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Outdoor Lighting and Garden Lighting

Angelo's Lighting sell a wide range of outdoor lighting and garden lighting from our London showroom. Whether you want task lighting, security lighting, feature lighting, lamp posts, lanterns, spike lighting, driveway lights, path lighting, solar lighting, wall lights or garden patio lights, visit us in north London to see our complete collection.

Outdoor lighting has been used since the Early Stone Age when humans lit fires for cooking, to ward off animals and to provide light and warmth. Nowadays, outdoor lighting takes many forms and there are numerous designs to choose which serve a variety of purposes including: task lighting, ambiance lighting, lighting for security, or to highlight parts of the garden that you are most proud of.

Modern and traditional lighting is not just used for interiors but also adds atmosphere and ambience to the outdoor area. Whether you have a large garden in the country, or small courtyard in the city, lighting adds that special touch to your exterior.

Whatever form of garden lighting you require, view our extensive range of outdoor lighting at our London showroom. Only a small sample of our collection of garden lighting is featured here, so to see our full selection of contemporary and period lighting visit us on Turnpike Road, N8.

Outdoor Lighting – click here to view the location of our north London showroom.

Designing A New Garden? Here’s Our Top Ten Outdoor Lighting Tips

Add Drama to an Outdoor Space. Use garden lighting to illuminate certain parts of your garden and transform this area into a stunning show piece. Use it to light up a pond, jacuzzi or have up-lighting focused on a fountain, sculpture or unusual shaped branch or tree.

Extend Your Living Space. Outdoor lighting can add valuable extra hours onto your day and makes your garden into a welcoming space where you can host al-fresco diners or barbecues well into the evening. Add atmosphere with patio lighting or have a row of wall lights designed to flicker like candle light.

Make Use of Task Lighting – The more time you can spend outdoors, the better. Have task lighting to light up a barbecue area and you will find you will make more use of your garden all year round.

Avoid a Uniform Look – If you do have lighting for path or driveways, steer clear of placing the lights opposite each other in straight lines. This makes your garden look like a runway and is a look best avoided.

Add Comfort and Security. Porch lighting, or a lamp post that automatically switches on when it detects movement, can give you added peace of mind during dark winter nights.

See Your Way to Your Door. Place a meandering row of candles along your garden path so you can see your way safely to your front or back door. Solar powered lights are a great choice for outdoor lighting and are portable too, so you can easily move them about your lawn.

Less is Always More. Be careful not to overdo it and make your outdoor space too bright. Keep the look subtle and make use of low watt bulbs for more effective results.

Add Interest to Your Garden – Outdoor string lights can look beautiful wrapped around a tree or over an archway and adds atmosphere to your garden when the light fades.

Create Different Lighting Levels – Use different levels of lighting to draw your eye to other parts of the garden with the use of ground lighting, wall lighting and lamp-post lighting. This makes this space appear larger.

Stick to Your Budget – Make a budget for outdoor lighting then stick to it. That way you can work out what you need and shop with a clear conscience.

About Angelo’s

Angelo's have a stunning range of interior lighting, outdoor lighting and garden lighting. To see more of their collection, just visit their showroom in Turnpike Road, London. For more information, contact the lighting experts on 0208 482 2688.

Outdoor Lighting – click here to view the location of our north London showroom.