Lighting Store London - Ten Interior Design Tricks to Make Your Interior Shine

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Lighting Store London – Ten Interior Design Tricks to Make Your Interior Shine

Angelo's is a well known lighting store in London, selling a wide range of contemporary and traditional lighting. We can advise on the best lighting options for you whether you looking for something general, specific or bespoke.

Effective use of lighting can make a big difference to your interior and many people are surprised at how successful even subtle changes can be. Just a few small adjustments can make a room appear brighter, larger, smaller or cosier. Indeed, clever use of lighting can have dramatic results. Lighting can be used to give a room a complete makeover, even on a tight budget and it can make all the difference to how a person feels when they enter a room. If you want to find out more about how lighting can change a room, read on to discover our top lighting tips.

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Our Top Ten Lighting Tricks

  • Make a Room Appear Cosier – Downlights can be used to make a room appear cosier. They make an area more intimate and welcoming. Most rooms have plenty of natural light during the day. Downlights can be used in the evening to provide a comforting glow. This effect works especially well in living rooms, dining rooms and entrances.
  • Make a Room Appear Larger – You can create the illusion of a bigger room by lighting all four corners of a room. Strategically placed lights can be used to bounce light off the walls, giving the impression of space. Mirrors can also be used to reflect natural light, as well as the light from lamps which will also make the room look larger.
  • Make Ceilings Look Higher – If you have low ceilings avoid using overhead lights as anything hanging from the ceiling will make it seem even lower. Choose wall lighting and tall lamps instead.
  • Create Atmosphere – Lighting can make or break the mood of a room. Good lighting will generate a welcoming atmosphere, whereas a light placed in the wrong position or used incorrectly can make a room feel harsh, clinical and unfriendly. Placing a lamp in front of a mirror can create an inviting, comfortable environment.
  • Change the Mood at the Flick of a Switch – Dimmer switches can be used effectively to change the mood of a room at the touch of a button. This is a cost efficient and easy way to enhance your interior design. Dimmer switches also have the added benefit of saving energy and making the bulb last longer.
  • Cast Flattering Light - Coloured lighting, especially pink or red, can be used in the bedroom as it not only creates a sensual mood but it's also very flattering. Burlesque dancers use this type of lighting for this reason as it is great way to hide cellulite. Avoid using fluorescent lights in the bathroom as they can be very harsh and make you appear ill when you look in the mirror. Tungsten Halogen lamps are a more flattering alternative and also give off heat so if they're placed over or around a mirror they will prevent it from misting up.
  • Brighten a Room – As well as making a room look larger, mirrors can be used to reflect natural light and light from lamps to make the room appear brighter. Rooms without windows can be made more homely by placing lights behind semi-opaque panels, giving a similar effect to that of a window. Using glass panels in your doors will also help to maximise the light.
  • Create Focal Points – Lights can be carefully placed to highlight specific objects such as paintings or sculptures. Spotlights are ideal for this.
  • Brighten Dull Areas – Lights can be used to make areas such as alcoves or corners more interesting as it brightens up this space and creates an attractive feature.
  • Task lighting – It can be very useful to have lights that are specifically for working or reading. It can also be a good idea to have lights under kitchen cabinets or over the cooker, to help you see what you're cooking.

Angelo's Lighting Store in London

Angelo's is located in North London on Turnpike Lane. We are specialists in both domestic and commercial lighting. For advice on how to use lighting to maximise the space in your home, why not visit our lighting store in London today?

Lighting Store London Click here to view the location of our North London showroom.