Contemporary Lighting London - Ten Ways Modern Floor Lamps Can Transform Your Interior

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Contemporary Lighting London - Ten Ways Modern Floor Lamps Can Transform Your Interior

 Ten Ways Modern Floor Lamps Can Transform Your Interior

If you are looking for contemporary lighting to enhance the interior of your London home, consider layering your lighting as this will create warmth and atmosphere. Floor lamps are used in addition to ceiling lights and add ambiance to a room, as they cast a softer spread of light over a larger area. They are available in a variety of different styles, from oversized floor lamps in bold colours - designed to create a focal point in a room - to decorative floor lamps, for more subtle lighting that blends effortlessly with its surroundings.

Contemporary Lighting London – click here to view the location of our north London showroom.

If you are investing in contemporary lighting for your London home or business, read on to discover our top tips on how modern floor lamps can be used to bring the wow factor to your interior.

Contemporary Lighting London - Ten Uses of Modern Floor Lamps

  1. To Expand a Small Space - As floor lamps cast a wider spread of light, they serve to brighten up a room and give the illusion that a space is larger than it really is. This makes floor standing lamps a great contemporary lighting option for smaller interiors, although they can also be used to bring warmth and cosiness to larger rooms.
  2. To Add a Focal Point - Oversized floor lamps in bright colours - such as red or yellow – will stand out against a neutral background and create a feature of a modern interior. If you don’t want to make such a bold statement, elaborate or decorative floor lamps will create a similar effect without being too daring.
  3. As Task Lighting - Swing arm or adjustable floor lamps are not only used to make a space appear warm and inviting, but they can also be used to assist with various tasks such as reading or sewing. Just change the height of the lamp to shed light in the direction you most want it to go.
  4. To Promote Ethical Living - If you are looking for eco-friendly contemporary lighting for your London home, consider modern floor lamps with natural shades such as bamboo or coco leaf, or floor lamps made with recyclable materials. Eco-friendly floor lamps will create a talking point and give you peace of mind that the lamp you have chosen is ethically sound.
  5. For Multi-Purpose Use - If you are looking for contemporary lighting for a small London apartment or town house, you may want to consider a modern floor lamp that doubles up as something else. As well as adjustable floor lamps, which are ideal for small spaces, there are also more unusual modern floor lamps. These include lamps with an integrated table that can be used to rest drinks, small books, or snacks on.
  6. To Create a Cosy Glow - Adding different levels of lighting creates a real wow to an interior and makes it appear warm and welcoming. So don’t just think about ceiling lighting, but also look at how you can improve the space with other forms of lighting too, such as table lamps and floor lamps.
  7. To Add Colour - All-white, minimalist interiors are attractive and modern but can appear cold and stark to some people. However, this type of interior can be instantly transformed with the right type of lighting and, by laying your lighting, you will add colour and warmth; so don’t just go for ceiling lighting, but also think about table, floor, and concealed lighting – such as lighting over or under shelving or in alcoves.
  8. To Add Beauty - Modern floor lamps should not only be functional, but be beautiful too and mirror the design of your interior. There is no point in choosing a contemporary floor lamp for a traditional home but, if you have a period property with interesting features such as oak beams or stone fireplaces, choose lighting that reflects this and blends in with its surroundings.
  9. To Make a Space Welcoming - Modern floor lamps are ideal for use in hallways as they provide an instant welcoming atmosphere. If the hallway is small, the light should be subtly positioned so it is incidental to its surroundings, rather than becoming a feature of the hallway, as this will make the space appear too crowded and cluttered.
  10. Add Ambiance - Floor lamps add atmosphere to an interior; they are ideal for the dining room, for instance, as this is where harsh overhead lighting can be off-putting for guests and make the room feel uncomfortable. Instead, floor standing lamps shed a soft even glow that creates a relaxed atmosphere and helps put the guests at ease, so the conversation flows.

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Contemporary Lighting London – click here to view the location of our north London showroom.