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Find Custom Made Designer Lights for Your Home or Business

Great lighting can really set the scene for your business. Whether you are starting up a new company, or revamping an old one, the right lighting scheme can make all the difference. The key is to decide on the look you want for your business and use your lighting to reflect this.

If you want a relaxed and quirky feel, perhaps with a nod to a bygone era, you might look at using unusual table lamps and standard lamps. If you're going for a more industrial and hard-hitting theme, you may wish to use spotlights and/or pendant lights in stark metal finishes. If the image you want to project is more formal and businesslike, then you might choose modern and functional strip lighting.

For a long time now, the hospitality trade has led the way in the field of lighting. Key lighting trends to emerge from this sector include shabby chic lighting, retro lighting, designer lighting and bespoke lighting. Schemes of this nature have lead to the emergence, and in some cases re-emergence, of such things as unusual table lamps, assorted pendant lighting and spot and strip lighting.

With its glitzy catwalk shows, the clothing industry has bought us other key lighting elements including black light, strobe and laser lighting. Although these are visually exciting and instantly dramatic, they are perhaps a step too far when it comes to creating a relaxed and informal ambience. Some watered down versions of these schemes have, however, found a niche in boutique hotels which have incorporated these lighting technologies in their receptions and restrooms.

While lighting has its key fashion elements and businesses are clamouring for a more individual look to make them stand out from the crowd, individuality must be tempered with functionality – A dramatic chandelier, for example, might look great in a reception area but if it hangs too low, it will not be practical.

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Industrial lighting

This is a major trend in 2014, with high street fashion retailers and restaurateurs alike taking their queue from the factories of old with their big, heavy brushed chrome or zinc metal lights. This is a bold statement of power. It says we want light and we want it here. It also says something of permanence. Industrial lighting goes to the fashion world too. It speaks of strength, longevity and trust. You can trust in a company that has invested in industrial lighting in the same way you can trust in a photographer who uses a professional camera over a smartphone.

Retro Lighting

As the name suggests, "retro" lighting speaks of lighting as it was then, back in the day when lights were built solidly and with a certain style. Such as the illuminations you can find in our range of bone china pendants. In today's world of throw away plastics, fluorescents and hard edges, it is refreshing to see beautifully designed and crafted bone china pendants with their simple, smooth and unfussy lines which are guaranteed to stay on trend.

Luxury lighting

Luxury lighting is perhaps best exemplified by the chandelier. Large or small, chandeliers have been the luxury lighting accessory of choice for hundreds of years. Multiple lamps set within a cut crystal display reflecting light from each facet, have illuminated palaces and courts the world over for centuries. It is this sense of the regal, and this sense of opulence that sees them as popular today, as they've always been.

Eclectic Lighting

Eclectic lighting is a lighting scheme which derives its ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. It is an on-trend lighting scheme being rolled out by mid to high end hotel chains across the world. It is a mixing of style, shape and material which, rather than presenting a confused image as one might think, has actually created a style and a following of its own.

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