Revamping Your Business and Need New Office Lighting? Read Our Guide on How to Choose the Right Commercial Fixtures for Your Business

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Revamping Your Business and Need New Office Lighting? Read Our Guide on How to Choose the Right Commercial Fixtures for Your Business

Achieving the right level of office lighting is an essential part of commercial interior design. Get it right and you create a comfortable working environment for your employees that is conducive to sales and productivity. Get it wrong, and you could see a dip in performances in these areas.

Studies have shown that poor lighting can have an adverse affect on the health of your employees. Bad lighting, including the constant, if at first imperceptible, flicker of florescent lights can cause headaches, anxiety, stress and tiredness and there are similar problems associated with a dimly lit office too. Insufficient light can cause eyestrain when an employee is trying to focus on something. It could also lead to figures being read and noted down incorrectly.

There are a wealth of lighting solutions on the market today designed specifically to perform certain functions. In any workplace environment, these functions may vary to include; overhead lighting, strip lighting, desktop lighting, wall lighting, concealed lighting, spot lighting, reception lighting and conference room lighting. In this article we will discuss some of the things to look out for when choosing the right lights or lighting combinations for your business.

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Office Lighting

When illuminating any office space it is important to consider where light will be needed in order for the office to function properly. And, since natural light is a variable, this should be ignored for the purposes of planning a lighting scheme.

Most office environments require that an even spread of light is available to the entire office space so that work can be carried out effectively on computer screen or paper, and wherever a desk or work station might be situated.

This even delivery of light is usually provided by a number of equally spaced, ceiling mounted lights. The equal spacing of these lights, whether they are fluorescent strip lights or ceiling mounted down lighters, will bathe the room in light and eliminate areas of shadow, thus enabling the whole office and your employees to function properly.

Reception Lighting

Your reception area is the first, and in some cases, the only part of your business that your customers ever get to see. Your choice of lighting here will therefore go a long way to influencing their thought process and their perception of your company. It makes sense then, to ensure that the lighting scheme you use in your reception area creates the right image for your company.

For example, a youthful and dynamic advertising agency or PR firm might opt for funky coloured strip lighting and spotlights, whereas a traditionally decorated solicitors’ office, on the other hand, might be better suited to a more conventional lighting scheme, incorporating Tiffany desk lamps, banker lamps, standard lamps and wall or ceiling mounted chandeliers.

Corridor, Stairway and Lift Lighting

When illuminating corridors, stairways and lifts, particular attention should be paid to safety. These are potentially hazardous areas that could easily result in a trip or fall if they are not adequately lit. In areas such as these, you are as well to concentrate on safety, installing functional strip lighting and spot lights to avoid creating any areas of shadow. With the huge range of lighting options available today though, functionality does not have give way to style.

Communal Office Lighting

In an open plan office, it is important to achieve an even spread of light. This is most effectively delivered through the use of multiple strip lights. The use of a number of equally spaced strip lights will eliminate areas of shadow and provide all workers with a comfortably lit working environment.

Conference and Board Room Lighting

The lighting scheme for a board room or conference room should be similar to that of the communal office, with overhead lighting providing an even spread of light throughout the room. A difference here might be the need to facilitate presentations. For power-point and over head projector presentations, dimmer switches should be installed to reduce the lighting level so that the display can be seen more clearly. If, instead, your company uses a Nobo, black or whiteboard for its presentations, you might want to consider the installation of spotlights. Presentations can come in any form though so you would do well to install lighting schemes that can facilitate any and all of these.

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