How to Make the Most of Your Dining Room with Lighting

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How to Make the Most of Your Dining Room with Lighting

If you enjoy entertaining, or just like to sit with the family at mealtimes, the dining area is one of the most frequently used rooms. It is also one of the most significant for hosting big family get-togethers, such as birthdays, anniversaries, Easter or Christmas celebrations. And, as this is one of the first rooms dinner guests see, it acts as the showcase for the rest of the home.

Despite this, the dining room is often neglected at first as it is generally the last area of the home to be decorated (apart from the hallway). However, leaving it until last is no bad thing, as it means you can channel all your attention into decorating this space and turning it into a tranquil environment for you – and your guests – to spend time in. As a dedicated space for entertaining, lighting plays a major part in the overall decor, and your chosen lights should be atmospheric as well as flattering. Here's some of our top tips on how to make the most of your dining room with lighting.

Whether you require contemporary or traditional lighting for your dining room, Angelo's offers an extensive range of home lighting including chandeliers, pendants, wall lights, side lights and floor lighting.

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Five Top Lighting Tricks for the Dining Room

Dining Room Chandelier - A statement light such as a chandelier or cluster of pendant lights hung centrally above a polished wooden, glass or lacquered table, will instantly impress your guests. If you have high ceilings and want ornate or elaborate dining room lighting, crystal or Venetian chandeliers add drama, beauty and impact. Brass chandeliers are a little more understated than the crystal varieties, but are equally elegant and easy on the eye.

Not all ceilings can accommodate such a dramatic feature light, particularly some of the newer homes. If you have a small home that lacks a high ceiling, but like the idea of a dining room chandelier, you might want to consider a flush crystal chandelier which doesn't hang so low but makes just as much of a statement.

Consider the size of your room and the style. If you have a contemporary dining room, there are all sorts of show-stopping sculptural ceiling lights that look amazing above a modern table. Whichever lighting style you choose, one top tip is to use a dimmer switch so you can create a more flattering glow.

Side Lighting - For a chic touch to a dining space, a console table with matching side lamps adds balance and harmony. Contemporary lighting provides impact and there are a number of artistic designs to choose from. However, for something more traditional and striking, Jenny Worrall lighting is exceptionally beautiful. Considered ‘antiques of the future' a Jenny Worrall side lamp is likely to become a talking point.

Having matching side lamps on a console table doesn't just work in designated dining rooms, but also in open plan areas. Here, a sideboard or console table may serve as a room divider as well as providing useful storage space. Matching feature lamps decorate this surface and offer an interesting focal point.

Floor Lighting - If you want to achieve a striking contemporary look, one idea is to use an oversized floor lamp, instead of a chandelier and hang the shade centrally above the table. This adds a novel look to a dining room and is an extremely effective way of decorating this space as it provides an instant focal point. A modern, adjustable lamp with a large coloured shade is one option, or you can choose a neutral shade to keep the look more low key; the results are just as stunning.

Wall Lighting - Another top tip, and this applies to all areas of the home and not just the dining room, is to layer your lighting. This draws the eye to different parts of the room and means that you can change the atmosphere at the flick of a switch. From Victorian to Edwardian, Venetian, period, modern, contemporary, art deco, retro or vintage wall lights, we have a wide range to choose from to match the decor of your home. If you have a particular painting or print that you want to turn into a feature, picture lighting creates a wonderful soft glow.

Candles - Candlelight casts a flattering glow at a dinner party and is warm and welcoming. A cluster of candles at different heights or a classic candelabra makes a superb feature on a dining table. If you adore candlelight and want to make it more of a feature in the dining room, a candle chandelier creates a fantastic atmosphere. If you have an open plan property, such as a warehouse or loft style apartment, you can buy ceiling candle holders that are modern and streamlined.

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