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Add Style to Your Home with an Elegant Chandelier

Throughout centuries, chandeliers have evoked air of grandeur and splendour and they can be seen in the finest cathedrals, manors and stately homes - not forgetting the magnificent chandeliers of Buckingham Palace, London.

However, chandeliers are not always reserved for the richest and wealthiest of people. Their use is becoming more and more widespread and you can now see chandeliers throughout London: from the grandest homes to the smallest apartments.

Whether you want to go for an intricate brass design, a modern sculptural chandelier or an elaborate glass crystal chandelier, there are all sorts of different styles you can choose from to suit either modern or traditional interiors.

Angelo’s sell a wide range of contemporary and traditional chandeliers from their London showroom. You can order their chandeliers direct over the phone, or visit their north London showroom at Turnpike Road.

We sell a vast range of chandeliers for hallways, dining rooms, living rooms, drawing rooms, landings and bedrooms. Here we shall look at the different styles of chandeliers and how they can be displayed to best effect.

Chandeliers London – click here to view the location of our north London showroom.

Why Chandeliers Are So Popular?

Chandeliers are popular because they are beautiful and dramatic. However, they not only suit the larger, grander properties but the right choice of chandelier can add elegance to even the smallest of homes.

Hung in a landing or hallway or over a highly polished mahogany dining table, crystal chandeliers are luxurious and create a fantastic focal point. Multi-tier traditional crystal chandeliers are lavish and cast a shimmer of light across a room.

On the other hand, modern chandeliers add the wow factor to any contemporary interior. They are more sculptural and linear than traditional designs and sometimes use bold geometric shapes to create a wonderful visual impact.

There are so many designs of chandeliers to suit all types of properties, whether in London or further afield. Your choice of chandelier does not have to be elaborate, as there are also more subtle and understated chandeliers that add a fantastic finishing touch to your London home.

With a chandelier, the focus is on its beauty and elegance. So even when the lights are switched off these stunning light fixtures can completely transform an interior and make it warm and welcoming.

When you are buying a chandelier, however, the top tip is to make sure that its size is in keeping with the size of the room. Don’t put an over-sized chandelier in a tiny room, for instance, and vice versa for a large room. Also take into account how far down your light fixture will hang, so you avoid knocking your head against it.

Types of Chandeliers and Homes they Suit

Venetian Style Chandeliers and Crystal Chandeliers

Venetian style glass chandeliers and crystal chandeliers are among the grandest of chandeliers and look elegant in large, country homes, mansions, or period town houses with high ceilings.

They can be shown to their best effect in drawing rooms, hallways or landings or hung above a large, dining room table, where it will become a feature of the room and create a talking point among guests. Venetian style chandeliers are available in almost any colour from clear glass to white and gold, black, blue and red.

Contemporary Chandeliers

Contemporary Chandeliers add the finishing touches to any modern interior. They can include more elaborate light fixtures featuring trails of crystals made to resemble a cascade of water, to simple, elegant designs, or glass spheres which hang two to three feet long and make a statement.

There are all sorts of artistic and sculptural designs of contemporary chandeliers that can spark the imagination, such as ceiling lights that look like a burst firework. This design looks fantastic in a contemporary interior decorated with bold colours and eye-catching modern furniture.

Contemporary chandeliers look stunning in the hallway, a plain corridor with feature walls (such as glass sliding doors that open out into a garden area) or a large, open plan living area.

Brass Chandeliers

Brass chandeliers look elegant in a period home and look superb hung in a hallway, sitting room, drawing room, dining room or bedroom.

Brass chandeliers are a timeless addition to an interior and they are available in a wide range of styles from single tier rope and tassel designs to the more elaborate, multi-tiered chandeliers. Choose antique style brass or highly polished brass, which gives the surface a shiny, gleaming effect.

The benefit of brass chandeliers are that they are not only a style classic, but they are also very easy to clean. Just wipe the surface free of dust with a clean, soft cloth and it will look good for years to come.

Chandeliers London – click here to view the location of our north London showroom.