Home Lighting London – Five Inspirational Lighting Solutions to Make Your Home Feel Cosy and Warm this Winter

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Home Lighting London – Five Inspirational Lighting Solutions to Make Your Home Feel Cosy and Warm this Winter

Winter is the time when home lighting becomes increasingly important ,as most of us in London, or elsewhere in the country, spend more time indoors when the temperature drops. When there's snow on the ground or it’s cold and windy outside, we often forfeit nights out for cosy nights in, snuggled up on the sofa in-front of a good movie. And, as we spend more time indoors, lighting takes centre stage. The right choice of home lighting can create the perfect environment - a cosy and relaxed space where we can feel warm and comfortable, whatever the temperature on the streets outside.

Whether you are looking to invest in period, traditional, contemporary or modern home lighting, London based Angelo’s has a vast range of products to choose from. To find out more about our extensive range of Home Lighting London products, just click here to see our showroom, or browse our pages to find out more.

Meanwhile, here are five inspirational winter lighting ideas to help you to brighten up your home or office this season.

Five Winter Lighting Ideas

Soften Your Lighting at the Flick of a Switch - An instant way to create warmth and atmosphere in your home is to invest in a dimmer switch. Whether you have an elaborate modern ceiling light in the sitting room, a glamorous traditional chandelier in the dining room, strip lights in the bathroom, or pendant lighting in the children’s bedroom, a dimmer switch will soften harsh, overhead lighting and add a cosy feel to your interior. To add to the ambience, light some scented candles when you arrive home from work; lighting candles and turning the ceiling lights down low, will instantly transform your interior into a welcoming haven of tranquillity.

Layer Your Lighting - Modern lighting isn't just about selecting the right ceiling lights or table lamps, but about using a selection of different lighting to create mood and atmosphere. Consider wall lighting or floor-standing up-lights to create a soft glow, or invest in concealed modern lighting under shelving or in alcoves to create a point of interest and to brighten dark evenings. Layering home lighting means that you can change the effect any time you choose. Just select soft lighting for when you are entertaining friends or hosting family gatherings, and brighter lighting when you need to carry out a particular task, such as completing household chores.

Use Lighting as a Focal Point - Lighting should not just be hidden away in the background; instead, period or modern lighting can make a wonderful focal point and acts as a work of art in its own right. Art Deco lighting, Tiffany style lighting, and the more contemporary Jenny Worrell Lighting make beautiful features of your home and will enhance your interior. If you enjoy entertaining and want to use lighting to make more of an impact, sculptural table lighting, or an elaborate chandelier hung above a polished wooden dining table, looks breathtaking and will become a focal point.

Make Your Room Appear Smaller or Larger - Home lighting isn’t just about finding the most attractive feature light or choosing task lighting, because lighting positioned in the right way can improve your interior’s layout. Interior designers use clever lighting tricks to make a room appear smaller or larger; these tricks are often used in show homes, to make a property more appealing to the buyer. To create the illusion of a bigger interior, for example, place table lights in-front of mirrors in the hallway, or add concealed lighting to the tops of kitchen worktops. If you would like a large space to appear smaller, suspended lighting will reduce the size of the ceiling, and lighting up alcoves or works of art will also make a room appear cosier. Also, to add warmth, consider investing in stylish modern or traditional floor lamps.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere - The hallway is the first area guests see when they step into your home, so it is important to make this space appear cosy and welcoming. Invest in a feature floor light by the doorway or some matching table lamps on a console table. If you have a modern or period property with a large hallway, a stylish chandelier will add the wow factor to this space. Light up alcoves if you have them, and install feature wall lighting beside the stairs to further beautify this space. If you have an ultra-modern and minimalist home, concealed coloured lighting in the staircase can really make an impact and will bring this space to life.

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