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Brighten Up Your Home with Decorative Contemporary Table Lamps

When it comes to decorating a modern home, your choice of contemporary lighting makes a huge difference to the end result and, while ceiling lighting is vital, table lamps add the all important detail.

Table lamps are not only used as task lighting and to create mood and atmosphere, they are also for decorative purposes. And with so many styles of contemporary lighting available, including many stunning artistic and sculptural designs, you will find yourself spoilt for choice.

Here we shall look at the various types of interiors and the table lamps that are suitable for the space. We will look at how lighting not only creates a cosy glow, but will bring your whole look together.

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Modern, Minimalist Interior

If you are looking to create a modern, minimalist interior, the idea is that less is more, so your choice of table lamps should be decorative and functional. A simple, minimalist room is about getting rid of clutter and stripping the detail down to the bare essentials to create a calm and tranquil interior.

Think about contemporary lighting that is sculptural in its appearance and choose lamps in colours such as bright white, black and silver. Some of the characteristics of contemporary lighting are sleek lines and bold geometric shapes. Materials such as stainless steel, chrome, plastic and glass are ideal in a modern, minimalist interior.

Table lamps suitable for this space are available in a whole range of designs including eye-catching two tone rectangular table lamps, or table lamps that mimic the shape of an hour glass.

Arty, Bohemian Home

In many cases, homeowners with arty, Bohemian style interior may not have deliberately set out to achieve this look. Often this style emerges as a result of artwork, ornaments or furniture that the owner has collected – or even made - over the years that are welcoming, fascinating and visually appealing.

An arty, Bohemian style look may have been achieved by someone who is influenced by their travels and brought home an exciting, creative or sensual object that is set to become a talking point.

Contemporary lighting suitable for a Bohemian style interior may include table lamps that are individual and unique, for instance an unusual hand-made lamp or lighting made from natural materials such as solid wood or bamboo.

Oriental Style Interior

An Oriental style interior should be serene, calm and balanced with the emphasis on clean lines and simplicity. The interior should be uncluttered with only the most beautiful objects and furniture on display.

Contemporary lighting to suit an Oriental style interior could include table lamps made from natural materials or decorative Chinese style lamps. Objects should achieve balance, such as a matching pair of table lamps on a console table or a lamp on either side of the bed to achieve harmony.

Angelo's Lighting has a wide range of contemporary lighting to suit an oriental style interior. Choose from our vast selection of table lamps, side lamps and bedroom lighting to find the perfect solution for your home.

Eco-Friendly Home

If you would like to achieve an eco-friendly interior, the focus should be on products made with natural materials such as reclaimed wood or, for a more quirky look to your home, recycled materials.

Contemporary lighting to look out for includes table lamps made from materials such as stone, clay, solid wood, bamboo and even banana skin! You may also want to think about using energy saving light bulbs too.

Retro Home

A retro style interior is one that imitates design from the recent past and has 50's, 60's or 70's style lighting and furniture. Whether you want to achieve the retro look in just one room, or decorate your entire interior in this style, search for table lamps in bold shapes and colours such as lighting made out of plastic with daring, dome shaped shades.

For a retro style home, go for bright colours such as reds, yellows, greens, oranges, blues or browns. Alternatively, for a contemporary twist on the retro look, look for bright white lighting or 60's style monochrome table lamps.

About Angelos

Angelo's sell a wide range of contemporary lighting to suit all styles of interior. Whatever style of table lamps you are looking for in the London area, just pop into our showroom to browse our complete collection. From ceramic table lamps to glass table lamps and sculptural designs, we have literally hundreds of beautiful table lamps in our showroom that are set to inspire you.

Our friendly team of staff are always on hand to answer any queries you may have and will help you find just the right lighting for your home.

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